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September Income Report for Amazon Case Study Site

Just when I thought things would start to slow down with this site it went and look another big leap in September. Overall traffic was up thanks to the constantly improving rankings and earnings were up by a pretty large amount.

Check out the traffic below:

september traffic

What did I do to the site in September?

More content has been created which targets some related niches, this isn’t really ranking yet so hasn’t made a big difference to the earnings in itself. I expect it will do pretty easily in the future though, and help this site become even more of an authority. Aside from that, some more links were added but nothing too crazy, I need to expand my PBN more to try and push this site even higher.

The Earnings

Amazon associates has a lovely new interface which gives a nice overview of your earnings and it now updates in real time which is nice but will probably end up distracting me as I check it throughout the day!

amazon earnings september

Check out the graph below to see the pretty insane earnings growth each month, it would be fantastic if it can keep this up!

earnings grwoth

What Next?

The plan for the future is to add more content targeting new money keywords in plenty of related niches, there are lots of them! With the domain authority of the site these posts should rank pretty fast, the ones that start getting traffic I will boost with PBN links to help further.

Finally, since the site is becoming such a big earner I will be looking at making it more white-hat by replacing PBN links with more legitimate ones and making the site into something that is genuinely a top resource and authority in it’s niche.



  1. Arnold

    Hey Ben,

    I’m planning to start doing amazon affiliate websites as well. I would like to ask you some questions if you don’t mind..

    1. How many Sells daily you have?
    2. What is your conversion rate?
    3. Products that you are promoting what are they price range like 50-200$ you get the point.
    4. Do you use any plugins such as easyazon?
    5. How much do you earn now since from september till now?

    Hope you can answer me this questions. Regards

    • Ben S

      Hi Arnold, best of luck with it!

      1) I have multiple websites so I sell as much as 100 items in a day.
      2) Again it depends on the site but Amazon converts very well!
      3) Some products cost $50, some cost $1000 but I prefer more expensive ones of course.
      4) No plugins like that.
      5) I won’t be updating my case study any more because to be honest it’s earning too much and I don’t feel comfortable talking about it. Lets just say that site should be hitting 5 figures this month.

  2. adrian

    Hi Ben,

    I have an Amazon Aff website with almost 180 pages and produce almost 600 usd. I didn’t build any PBN link…your amz stats is making me going totally on PBN. How are the metrics for them?

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