August was another great month in terms of traffic and earnings. Traffic stayed strong and almost hit 1000 sessions on one day, the dip you notice is because the site reached it’s bandwidth limit with my web host (doh!). This meant it was down for around 14 hours until they finally got around to removing the limit…after I paid to upgrade of course.

august traffic

The general trend is upwards


What Did I do to the Site in August?

Nothing groundbreaking in terms of work, a couple of articles were added and some existing articles were beefed out a bit. Only a handful of PBN links were built to the site but the rankings keep improving steadily. Right now it is only ranking on the mid to lower end of the first page for it’s main keywords which means it site has scary potential if I can get it ranking in the top 3 or first place.

The Earnings

As for the earnings, well there was yet another nice jump and it reached $4,399.97! I reckon that next month things might slow down a bit as it becomes more difficult to increase the rankings quickly.



As you can see below, since the site was monetised in May it’s been progressing very well and my target is for it to hit $10k a month before the end of the year.


Look at them gains

What Next?

If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it is my approach from now on. I will add relevant and high quality content from time to time but my main focus will be continuing with backlinks to pages which have the most potential in terms of earnings.